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How do you give voice to the artist inside of you?

I founded Wandering Writing Workshops In 2017 to encourage creatives who dream of writing and traveling to free themselves from the confines of "shoulds" and "coulds" inhibiting their creativity. I myself was a doctoral student just burning to write a novel, but no time to do it. Then I lost several friends and family members and a high-paying job and realized that it really is vital to honor oneself and do your dreams. Life's too short not to. And it's that easy ... just write. 


I dreamed up Wandering Writing Workshops as destinations for creative folks to honor ourselves by retreating from our intensive lives, and engage in wordplay together. We gain inspiration by immersing ourselves into some of the most fascinating places on the planet.


We break bread and drink wine and coffee, network, and collaborate. Just as importantly, we savor ample solitary time to simply write.


Each workshop centers around a different genre, from short story to song writing, and an expert author of that genre teaches us his or her ways. 

Our workshops stand on a foundation of safety and inclusivity.


Scholarships are available to anyone who exhibits need and interest.

Honor your dreams and join us. Run away write. 


~ Angela Orlando, Ph.D.


WWWW Founder Dr. Angela Orlando
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